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Partnering with a network of leaders and field workers

Helping bring relief in wake of natural disasters

Youth programs

Medical & dental clinics for disadvantaged

Food and clothing distribution to the needy

Auspicing Glory Reborn (Cebu) providing pre & postnatal and birthing care to disadvantaged women


Philippines children
Philippines children 1


A live-in rescue and rehabilitation program for abused mothers

Vocational training for mothers

Humanitarian relief for internally displaced families

Farm project for self-sustaining village program

thailand women knitting
Global Impact Thailand


Children’s home projects

Relief for victims of devastation

Training colleges

Boy Myanmar


Since 1984, partnering to provide education and support for children at risk

Humanitarian aid

Training and education of community leaders

India education

South Sudan

Partnering to help bring hope, relief, development to South Sudanese people

New nationhood, continued civil conflict, refugee flow are challenges

South Sudanese people
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